1969    Foundation of SCHLOTE GmbH & Co.KG in Harsum with the objective of mechanically processing cast parts made of metal.

1974    Purchase of a former cowshed in Bavenstedt and construction of a workshop hall.

1976    the first hall of our company's own was built in Harsum. 6 workers employed.

1977    Relocation of the company to new premises, entry into the commercial register as SCHLOTE & Co. Harsum KG. Introduction of CNC technology, which was still new at the time, by Michael Schlote. Start of a dynamic development that has continued to this day by the acquisition of the first CNC milling machines as a key element in company development.


Schlote GmbH in Harsum
Übernahme der ersten Matchmaker CNC-Maschine
Erweiterungen des Firmengeländes von 1978-1987


1984    Purchase of a hall belonging to a neighboring agricultural machinery trading company to extend the factory space from 450 to 1,200 square meters. The new premises were already occupied 3 months after purchase by a staff that had meanwhile grown to 35. The proprietors Christlinde and Johannes Schlote made further investments in the modernization of the machinery.

1987    A new production hall allowed the manufacture of components for the automotive industry. The company now employs 54 people. The company's entire works area now totals 1,650 square meters.

1991    Foundation of  SCHLOTE GmbH Rathenow in Rathenow.

1995   With SCHLOTE FormTec GmbH, a further company is created in Harsum.

1996    Foundation of  SCHLOTE GmbH Rathenow in Rathenow.

2003    The foundation of SCHLOTE Automotive Czech s.r.o. creates the first production site outside Germany.

2006    Foundation of SCHLOTE Brandenburg GmbH & Co. KG, one of the most modern and innovative production sites for ready-to-install housing components.

2011    Start of construction for the extension of the administration building in Harsum, a new production access road, a new area for the storage of the chip containers, an evaporation plant, and an improved transport link. Takeover of the IWESA Präzisionstechnik GmbH in Saarbrücken and foundation of the SCHLOTE Saar GmbH.

2013    Foundation of the SCHLOTE Holding GmbH in Harsum as management company for all production sites of the SCHLOTE GRUPPE.

2014    The foundation of the SCHLOTE Automotive Parts (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin (China) creates the first production site outside of Europe.