Environmental protection


To our company, our commitment to the protection of the environment and of resources represents an entrepreneurial challenge. Active environmental protection and products of highest quality form the basis of our daily work. We do not want to react when problems occur, we want to integrate environmental considerations into our corporate actions, right from the start.

The companies of the SCHLOTE GROUP are certified according to ISO 14001 or EMAS (eco-management and audit scheme). We thus document our responsibility for the environment to our employees, to our customers and to the general public.

Through sustainable and environmentally conscious actions, we make an important contribution to resource preservation for future generations.




Our understanding of sustainability and energy efficiency

We want to remain true to our principle “Avoiding problems through action instead of finding problem solutions” in every aspect of our environmental protection agenda, therefore energy management is of great significance for the SCHLOTE GROUP in reaching our goals.

We have learned that our energy consumption is an important key figure. Not least for that reason, it is our approach to continuously reduce our specific demand for energy – and thereby reduce our CO2 emissions.

In this domain, the interplay of energy awareness and commercial thinking and acting presents a great challenge that we rise to every single day. We understand that we can not only use our expertise and our technical understanding as a means to economic optimisation of our daily production competence, but equally to increase our energy efficiency.

This is the only way to go easy on resources and to secure our future. And as securing the future always requires teamwork, we consider saving energy as our joint task. Each day, and within the framework of his activities, every employee of the SCHLOTE GROUP makes his contributions to saving energy and thus to continuously improving the energy management in every division.

We see sustainability as a pioneering role that we want to use to lay the foundations for a better energy management. Therefore, we not only demand a resource efficient work behaviour from our employees, but also promote innovative projects and ideas to boost the energy efficiency.

We are sure that with our approaches, we are taking an important step in the right direction. We ensure sustainability. Together, we secure our future.



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