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standort saarSCHLOTE Saar GmbH is a specialist in the machining of transmission cases, converter housings and diesel injection pumps, among other parts. SCHLOTE Saar has set itself the objective of being a cost-efficient supplier of high-quality components and assemblies that is integrated early enough in the customer's development process so as to identify at the outset all the possibilities available for a cost-saving processing of the parts.

A further goal of SCHLOTE Saar is to supply customers with small, medium-sized and large-scale production series both just in time and with high quality. Quality and reliability are the principles we stand for, the touchstone of our activities and the standards we steadfastly adhere to. This is the basis on which we operate at SCHLOTE Saar.

Our profession is the process-reliable production of components and systems for the automobile sector and its ancillary industry. Our passion is to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and to deliver high-class products at fair prices. Currently 160 employees work at our location in Saarbrücken.


SCHLOTE Saar GmbH GmbH & Co. KG has focused on the machining of workpieces made from various different materials using the very latest technology and can draw upon an extensive range of know-how in this field.This special expertise and experience is today reflected in our operation of complex manufacturing cells and production lines. Our focus lies on cast and forged products.

We increasingly rely on automated workflows that also include integrated assembly processes. This high degree of automation ensures our customers the best possible standard of quality and the appropriate process capability.


Insolvency that is rationally handled with deliberation and insight by all those involved does not have to mean the definitive end of a company and the loss of all jobs within it. On the contrary: the history of SCHLOTE Saar shows that things can indeed go differently and that the new prospects opened up give every reason for confidence.

bauteil saarOur company's location situated next to the famous Ludwigsberg hill can look back over a long industrial history.

The industrial site was first established as early as 1876 by the company Ehrhardt und Sehmer, whose production range included steam and gas engines, piston compressors, centrifugal pumps and rolling-mill equipment.

The company KSB took over the site in 1972 and manufactured various types of compressors and pumps.

In 1981 Atlas Copco GmbH moved into the premises to produce air compressors and compressors for the chemical industry.

Ernst Haaf then assumed responsibility in 1987 with the foundation of Sawema Ernst Haaf GmbH. This also marked the start of production for the automobile and automotive supply industry. Products included cylinder heads, brake components, pump housings, and transmission cases.

In 1993, IWESA Gesellschaft für qualifizierten Maschinenbau mbH started production at the location. Here too, the manufacturing spectrum covered items such as cylinder heads, brake components, pump housings, transmission cases and engine parts.

IWESA GmbH was acquired in August 1999 after its bankruptcy and renamed to IWESA Präzisionstechnik GmbH. In the wake of the worldwide finance crisis, the company fell into financial difficulties at the beginning of 2009. Insolvency proceedings were instituted on 01.04.2009.

On 01.11.2011 the company was taken over by the SCHLOTE GROUP and renamed SCHLOTE Saar GmbH. From its production site in Saarbrücken, SCHLOTE Saar GmbH now provides parts for the car and commercial vehicle supply industry.

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