QualitätsprüfungOur understanding of quality is the fulfilment of customer requirements which requires a continuous improvement of all processes.

To reach the continuously increasing requirement level, a continuous improvement of all processes within our organization is required.

Since we relate quality not only to our products, but also to work processes, information flows and behaviors, it is perfectly clear that every employee is responsible for our quality.

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Usage of a CAQ system:

All phases of the product life cycle are optimised with a continuous transparency and stability in all quality processes. A centralised and fully integrated data management supports the creation of a Schlote-internal standard and a uniform methodology in all plants.


QM-Chart 1
QM-Chart 2


The ability to integrate into management systems at a higher level is one of the key requirements for the quality management system. Through an interface to the ERP system, a solution was designed to avoid data redundancy for the exchange of all relevant order data.


Q.Wiki is the place in the company, where all processes are transparently documented, where every employee brings its expertise and where the company is jointly being developed. The SCHLOTE GROUP, too, uses a quality management documentation that is based on Wikipedia®. Through this interactive management system we ensure that all employees can benefit in their daily work from up-to-date, accepted and effective processes, targets and key figures.