schlote gawThe Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik
Wernigerode GmbH



The company Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH is located in Wernigerode on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. 254 employees work at our location.


gaw teil02We offer our customers a broad spectrum of services:

 1.    Metal-cutting provider for the automotive industry in the complete machining, particularly in the engine, transmission and chassis segments and as a supplier for electromechanical engineering. The very latest manufacturing technology for small-medium and large series production is deployed in conjunction with complex, fully automated machining units.

 2.    Processing of cast workpieces and rotation-symmetrical workpieces made from various materials using the latest manufacturing technologies comprising CNC turning, milling, drilling and grinding.

 3.    Production of industrial equipment to help in creating ergonomic workplaces.


Our high self-imposed demands on quality, commitment and innovation are reflected in our certification according to the stipulations of ISO/TS16949 (in line with auto industry requirements) and DIN EN ISO 14001 in the area of environmental protection.


During the last few years, Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH has developed into an automotive supplier with services from job order production to the supply of components and assemblies. This forward milestone in the supply chain is based on a company structure that concentrates on three priorities:

 1. Employees 

The consequent promotion of the skills and capabilities of every employee by taking advantage of individual competences and strengths.

 2. Customers 

The permanent further development of technical and technological capabilities in order to constantly improve customers’ demands in accordance with the company’s goals.

 3. Quality 

The establishment and assurance of a successful level of quality in conjunction with a certified environmental management in the entire company.


Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH received subsidies from the European Regional Development Fund for different capital-widening investment.



The company with its long tradition emerged from "Vorrichtungs- und Lehrenbau Walter Eckold", which was founded in 1936 and produced equipment and components for the aircraft industry.

The production of continuously variable chain transmissions and expansion disks was taken up in 1951. In this area, the company has enjoyed both national and international success since that date.

In April 1996, the company was integrated in the SCHLOTE GROUP and is now active in the market as Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH, primarily as a service provider in the automotive industry.


In 2001 the company received the award "Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Enterprises" from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, among other reasons for the creation of new jobs and apprenticeships, investments in equipment, commitment to the region, service and customer proximity.

Following the award "Oscar for small and medium-sized enterprises" in 2001, the company was once again honored as a finalist in the "Oscar of Oscars" in September 2003.

Getriebe- und Antriebstechnik Wernigerode GmbH

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38855 Wernigerode

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