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SCHLOTE SPONsoring team "Blue flash"

our path into Formula racing

Harsum - Everyone knows the formula 1 with its high-tech racing cars. But today, this professional class is by far not the only possibility to see high technology and innovation in motor racing.

The best example is ‘Formula Student’ – an international engineering competition held for more than 15 years with more than 500 teams to participate from across the globe.

Decisive for succeeding in this class is not only the construction of a first-class vehicle, but also a realistic simulation of the students’ areas of responsibility in their later professional life.

Students from various disciplines interdisciplinary demonstrate their skills in their respective field: This could be automotive engineering, or, for example, design, marketing, finances or project management.

They are judged by a highly-qualified international jury made up of experts and leaders from the automotive, motor racing, and supply industries.
The team ‘Blue Flash’ comprises 57 students of the Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen (HAWK), who pursue the goal of winning the Best Newcomer Award 2015 in the field ‘Electromobility’. These students come from different courses of studies and faculties from the HAWK: Such as science and technology, resources management or design. Whether the vehicle construction or the marketing or the racing team – all disciplines necessary are covered by this interdisciplinary variety.

To get their electric-powered racing car, that weighs less than 200 kg and is powered by two electric motors with a maximum power of 80 KW, across the finishing line, the students rely on consistent lightweight technology combined with maximum stability of the components used.
The students are driven – most recently on the traditional Silverstone race track in the UK – by the motto ‘as fast as necessary, but as efficiently as possible’ and it also inspires their cooperative work with the economy. As it is the case with the SCHLOTE GROUP.

Since July, the students are working with us on the implementation of gear shafts for their ‘Blue Flash’. Being a longterm partner of this project, the SCHLOTE GROUP participates through assistance in our core competencies, namely processing the vehicle’s components, instead of only aiding in terms of money as part of a sponsorship. The feedback from the team ‘Research and Development’ is particularly interesting for us, as it gives interesting insights on materials and components through experimentation and evaluation of our manufactured parts.

The necessary works are mainly carried out by our highly qualified trainees at the training workshop in Wernigerode.

The cooperation with universities is not only appreciated by experts as ‘mutually beneficial’. So, the SCHLOTE GROUP gains an insight into the faculties of a university that would otherwise not be possible. The close contact to the students is almost even more valuable than the image improvement, because these students are the ones who will gain access to the job market in a few years and who then are most valuable to us. Useful contacts can also be made through our dual cooperative study programs or the mentoring of final papers. According to Timo Rusteberg, marketing manager, it is possible for the students to gather insights and experiences in their future work field and also make first contact to their future employer during such a cooperation. ‘This is such a unique project. Where else do you have the possibility to take responsiblities that early in your work life, and develop prototypes with such interesting companies as the SCHLOTE GROUP.’

This is not the first time that we meet the challenges of manufacturing lightweight constructional components and we are confident that, with our assistance, the team ‘Blue Flash’ will succeed in the 2015 season. We wish them good luck in the upcoming competitions.

If you are interested in ‘Formula Student’, you can easily follow the reports in the social media like Facebook or in the internet at: www.Blue-Flash-Hawk.de

Special events of the team can be followed and published in the local print media.